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Benaulim Beach
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Benaulim, a quite & a pleasurable beach. It is located 41kms from Panaji & is 2kms away from the Colva Beach. Benaulim, a pretty beach is very small compared to the other beaches in South Goa. The Benaulim starts where Colva ends. Benaulim is still undiscovered by domestic tourists even though it is a fishing beach. The lined Palms, Coconuts & Casuarina trees towards the shores add to the beauty as they sway to the cool breezes on the beach. It is a perfect beach for leisure, for the people who love a perfect relaxing holiday in a quieter place.


The Attractions:

Church of St John the Baptist – situated on the hills beyond the Benaulim Village is worth a visit. The Feast of St. John the Baptist is celebrated as a thanksgiving feast. It is locally known as Sao Joao.

Beach Bonanza Fair - The beach also offers the Bonanza fair, which is generally held on successive Sundays from Mid-April.

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