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The first live-game floating casino in India is located on board the MS Caravela (named after the first Portuguese ship that came to Goa in the 16th century). This is a joint venture between Advani Hotels & Resorts India Ltd and Casinos Austria International.

The MS Caravela is a catamaran, twin-engine vessel and can accommodate 270 passengers with 30 crewmembers. The Caravela is specially designed to sail the river waters of Goa.

The Caravela is built with fire retardant interiors and houses a lavish restaurant with multi-cultural cuisine, a bar, sundeck and a swimming pool. Two suites and four rooms are also provided for the VIP guests. The plush interiors of the vessel gleam with chandeliers from Italy and fire-resistant rugs from the US. The restaurant on board serves a multi-cultural cuisine.

The decor of The Caravela is very modern with vibrant colors and exudes a relaxing effervescent, congenial atmosphere. Glimpses of Goan culture are visible at the restaurant that sports bright pastel shades.

casinoEverything works in numbers here, and tension is thick amid the clinking of coins and glasses. Money changes hands faster than you can imagine, with the cash registers ringing round the clock. The tables offer American roulette, blackjack and Indian rummy complete with slot machines. The 1000-tonne vessel even has a private gaming room for high-fliers.

Among additional convenience are: acceptance of credit cards, travelers cheques Digital security lockers State-of-the art surveillance system.

The entrance fee for the Dinner Cruises includes meals on board together with soft drinks and beverages along with non-negotiable chips.

Access to The Caravela is on a jetty just near the Mandovi Hotel in Panaji. Guests are even picked up from the airport and dropped off either at the cruise ship or at the Renaissance
Goa Resort.

Live gaming is between 8.00 p.m and 02.00 a.m.
Goa has a few other casinos, which are basically gaming halls in which are installed typical slot machines and a bar.

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