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Agunda Beach
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The Beach:

Aguada, one of the quite frequented beach in North Goa. It is situated in North Goa & is 4 kms from Sinqueria Beach. The beach is made special because of the 17th Century Portuguese Forts, the Aguada Fort and the Reis Magos Fort. Tourist throng towards the beach & the forts, as it offers the fantastic view of the sea & the golden beaches. Many interesting churches also surround it.

To reach Aguada beach, it is always better to arrange your own means of transport, by car or a motorbike would be suggested.

The Attractions:

Aguada Fort: The fort derived its name from Portuguese word "Aguada" meaning "Water". The major attraction of the beach is the Aguada Fort, which was built by the Portuguese in 1612 AD to restrict the enemy from entering Goa via the Mandovi River. It also presently houses the Central Jail.

Reis Magos Fort/ Church: Apart from the fort, there are several fascinating churches, one of them is the Reis Magos Church, that is certainly worth a visit, this church was built in 1555, it offers a fantastic view of the Mandovi River. At the entrance of the church you will be surrounded by all possible shades of colours. It houses the tombs of 3 viceroys.

Fort Aguada Hotel Complex: A magnificent hotel built on the cliff, around the walls of the 17th century Portuguese Fort. The hotel Complex offers you choices of Cottages on the upper reaches of the hillside, a delightful Goan village, with individual cottages.


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