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Anjuna Beach
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The Beach:

Anjuna, one of the most popular beaches in North Goa. It is located 18kms from Panaji & around 8kms west of Mapusa. It is also world famous for its Trance Parties and the Hippies. Its beauty: the coconut groves, the waves rushing to greet the golden sands are worth admiring. It has an unusual rocky formation overlying a creek of the golden sand and the black rocks that protrude from the sea; this area is known as the Jewel of Anjuna & is called the Ozran. It is said that the Anjuna Beach was discovered by, ‘the Hippies’ in late 1950s. The Beach is also famous for its rave parties, which are held during the night and continue till dawn.

The Attractions:

Tourist throng towards Anjuna as it attracts not only with its rushing waves but also to see the magnificent Albuqerque Mansion, which was built in 1920 and to visit the Wednesday Flea Market.

Yet another attraction is the Mascarenhas Mansion, an architectural delight with rich and classique baloncies, which are made up of some of the finest stained glass floral etchings.
Adjacent to beach stands the Chapora Fort, which gives a splendid view of the nearby Anjuna Beach & Vagator Beach.

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