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Bambolim Beach
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Bambolim, is known for it Beach Resort, in North of Goa. It is located 7kms from Panjim. The enchanting beach has been converted to a Beach Resort, called the ‘Bambolim Beach Resort’. The resort is well equipped with all kinds of facilities that of a star hotel could offer. Charming cottages fringing the beach at the foot of the hillock lend a rustic charm to the surroundings. The sunset view is very enchanting from the rooms of the resort.

The Attractions:

The Resort itself attracts the heaving tourist to enjoy the Water sports – like surfing, sailing and scuba diving. The milieu of the lake is just the right for the learners as well as the regular surfers.

Another major attraction is the 4-hour high-speed boat ride that takes you to the world-class dive site of Angria Bank, an island that is 120miles away from the Resort. It offers
Incredible wealth of coral and fishes to the scuba divers.


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