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Calangute Beach
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Calangute, the Queen of Beaches is situated on the shores of the Arabian Sea in North Goa; it is bordered by the green villages of Arpora-Nagora, Saligaco & Candolium & is about 15km from Panjim. Calangute, the name seems to be a twist of the vernacular word ‘Koli-gutti’- Land of fishermen, or ‘Kalyan-gutti’ – Village of Art, or ‘Konvallo-ghott’ – Strong pit of the Coconut Tree. But with the arrival of the Portuguese the name probably got altered to Calangute and remained the same till date.
It was in 60’s that the hippies discovered this pristine surroundings & blissful serenity & the golden sands and later made it world famous. Its picturesque is enhanced with the shacks & stalls under the shade of the palm trees.

The Attractions:

St Alex Church: This church attracts the tourists with its 2 towers & magnificent domes, ornate altars and its architectural style.

Kerkar Art Complex: Another attraction is the Kerkar Art Complex, which houses exhibitions of Art & Craft of local artistes. At times you can be the audience to connoisseurs of the Indian Classical Music & Dance.

Water Sports: Parasailing, Water skiing & wind surfing are some of the most stirring water sports, which can be experienced at Calangute.

Crocodile & Dolphin Spotting Tours: While sailing in the Mandovi River to the Zuari River, spotting crocodile & dolphin is the most thrilling sensation. Backwater Crocodiles and the Naughty Dolphins can be spotted at the mouth of the open sea.


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