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Goan Cuisine

Sea Food, Drinks, Pastries and many more that Goa Can offer you at your table…
Sea Food, Drinks, Pastries is what the visitors look for specially when in Goa. Visitors enjoy the famous fish, curry, rice and Feni package. Fish, curry and rice are the basic necessities of the Goans themselves. They combine to make a heavenly daily meal for the average Goan. But Goan cuisine, like the land itself, has many spicy flavors and tastes with its natural surroundings to add the original homely flavor to the delicacies. Goan food is simple but most, though not all, of it is chili hot, spicy, and pungent. Items made from rice, fish, and coconuts abound in nearly every Goan meal.

Christianity and Hinduism blend very well when it comes to traditional cuisine preparation. Their cooking styles and its uniqueness makes Goan Food very popular globally. The Hindu Goan food does not seem to have picked up any major Portuguese influence, the Christian food has been influenced not only by the Portuguese, but also by its overseas colonies. The preparation of traditional Goan Food calls for plenty of muscle and time. Grinding is always part of the recipe and the nicer the dish the longer it takes to make.

They value their food as much as they do their daily siesta (break). Seafood always has a pride of place is some form or the other in their daily menu. They take pleasure not only in what they eat, but also how they cook it. Although modern conveniences have almost completely taken over in urban areas, the traditional way of cooking in clay pots on firewood continues in most rural areas of Goa. This style of cooking adds an additional smoky flavor to the food, highly valued by Goans.

Sea Food such as Clams, Mussels, Crab, Lobster, Giant Prawns is cooked in fragrant masala, is excellent while Fish, depending on the type, it is either cooked in wet curries, grilled or baked in Tandoor clay ovens. Try Ape de Camarao, a spicy prawn pie with a rice and Semolina crust.

With a wide variety ranging from prawns to sausages, chicken to beef, and numerous vegetarian dishes, Goan cuisine is able to satisfy even the most finicky gourmet appetites. Goa has some magnificent cookery delicacies like the prawn balchão and sorpotel, which have become famous globally.

Goa is the home of the famous Vindaloo, originally an extra-hot and sour pork curry, but now made with a variety of meat and fish. Other Pork specialties include Chourico red Sausages, Sarpotel, a hot curry made from pickled pig's liver and heart; Leitao, suckling pig; and Balchao, pork in a rich brown sauce. Delicious alternatives include vinegar chicken, spicy chicken or Mutton Xacutti, made with a sauce of lemon juice, Peanuts, Coconut, chillies and spices.

When it comes to fruits, Goa has been blessed with the most fibrous fruits like the Pineapple, the Melon, the Banana, the Pawpaw, the Custard Apple etc., but surpassing them all is the MANGO. Goa is the home for the world famous the Alphonso Mangoes which are famous for their ravishing taste.

Goa’s Popular Dishes

Apart from the Seafood, various kinds of drinks and spicy fish curries, Pastries are almost a part of every common meals as well as occasion and feast in Goa.  The delicacies include mainly sweets made of coconut as Goa being the land where coconut is abundant.  However, the queen of the delicacies is the "Bebinca” which is made of eggs, pure ghee, flour, coconut milk and sugar.  The delicacies include many more varieties especially at the occasions of Festivals & feasts in Goa.

Feni - Goa's "National" Drink

The very famous drink is the Feni, which is prepared from the coconut palms and from bright red or yellow cashew apple crops.
The famous Eating Out Places Of Goa: Cafes & Shacks

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