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Archaeological Museum

It is located 9 km from Panaji, and was once the centre of Portuguese dominion on the west coast of India. It museum has been functioning since 1964 in the abandoned convent of St Francis of Assisi, it displays some priceless possessions like the standing Lord Vishnu accompanied by Goddess Lakshmi and Garuda on left and right respectively, with exquisite carvings accommodating ten incarnations on the Prabhavali, standing Surya accompanied by Danda and Pingala, Gajalakshmi, Mahishasuramardini and seated Uma-Maheshvara that recreate the history of Goa, antiques & sculptures from Hindu era,  unique collection of coins issued by various Hindu, Mughal and Portuguese rulers & paintings that include portraits of Vasco-da-gama, and Alfonsu Albuquerque, and other governers prevailing European fashions of the day.
The Museum later was given a rejuvenating look by re-arranging and re-organizing completely in connection with the CHOGM Retreat in Goa during 1982. A long hall lying to the left side of the entrance to the Museum was converted into 2 galleries by laying RCC floor with a newly constructed wide staircase at the extreme west to facilitate access to the first floor.  The new Annexe building thus provided additional area to the existing Museum and finally the entire first floor re-laid with a teakwood floor resembling the original in order to bring uniform look to the whole complex.

Yet another attraction is The Key Gallery in the ground floor serves as an introduction to the nature of exhibits in the museum. The plan of the museum is on the left sidewall. Taking right turn one comes across a wall showcase containing middle and upper Paleolithic stone tools, Microliths and a few Neolithic Celts. A short historical background highlighting the prehistory of Goa and the location of prehistoric sites is shown in the map of Goa.

It can be visited on all days except for Mondays and Government Holidays.
Timing:  10:00 am to 5:00pm

The Naval Aviation Museum

It is one of the attractions of the Bogmalo Beach, as it is situated in the picturesque backdrop of the beach.  The Naval Aviation Museum is the first of its kind in Asia. Inaugurated at Dabolim, Vasco in 1998 and was opened for public from the 19th Oct 1998. The museum showcases the history of Indian Naval Aviation, is houses unique collections of aircrafts, weapons, sensors, safety equipment, rare photographs depicting Goa's liberation and artifacts.

A multimedia games section is an added attraction. The museum has become a must-visit place for all tourists.

It can be visited on all days of the week.
Timings:  10:00 am to 4:00pm

Archives Museum: It is located at a new Building at the Patto Plaze near the Ourem creek, Panaji. It exhibits collection of temple sculpture, hero stones and old-fashioned colonial era artefacts are a couple of beautiful Jain bronzes. It also houses photos of the prehistoric rock carvings at Usgalimal.

It can be visited on all days except for Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays

9.30 am To 1.00 pm & 2.00 pm To 5.30 pm.
The Big Foot Art Gallery

The Big Foot Art Gallery & Handicrafts Centre, Loutulim offers local artifacts  and handicrafts to visitors who come to have a glimpse of Ancestral Goa.

Conceived as a means to promoting amateur artisanship in all its form, the Big Foot Art Gallery is one place that has played host to artists of State and National fame.

The gallery organizes shows that last up to three days. It works as a center of exhibition of art produced at the Artist's Camps. The gallery also exhibits work done by school children at the "on the spot" poster and drawing competition, which are an annual feature.

Craftsmanship in artifacts and allied subjects has also been displayed at the gallery. The gallery housed at the exit of Ancestral Goa. Flanked on the side by the handicraft center, the gallery is easily accessible to visitors to the exhibits. Besides the entire project this place is a focal point for the many guests as it is always hosting exhibitions that, free of costs are open to the public. It can be visited on all days

Timing:  9.00 am To 6.00 pm.

Church Museums

The Convent of St. Francis of Assisi adjoining the Church in Old Goa has Brahmanic sculptures like Uma-Mahesa on display. Hero stones representing naval engagements emphasizing the power the power of the Kadambas and Sati stones displayed alongside commemorates widow burning. There are also some friezes displaying. There are also some friezes displaying self-immolation, in fulfillment of a vow. Inscription in stone are in old Kannada of the Vijaynagar period, Arabic and Persian of the dynasty of Adil Shah of Bijapur. The Portrait Gallery consists of paintings by local artists on wood, of Portuguese Governors, who, had tenure in Goa, of these, Bernando Peres da Silva been the only Goan. There is also a portrait of Vasco da Gama, the discoverer of the sea route to India and a bronze statue of Alfonso de Albuquerque who conquered Goa in 1510.

The Gallery also provides an interesting study of the evolution of the formal style of dress for Governors in Europe, as well as that, of different Coat of Arms.


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