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Spices Plantation
Spices are the indispensable ingredients of Goa's well-known "chillie hot’ cuisine. They are still grown in Goa on large plantations along with other cash crops of areca nuts, cashew nuts, coconuts, tropical fruit, etc. These plantations have to combine spices and tourism in a unique and favorable way.

Herbarium "abyss": Presents a superb (Eco-tourism) natural spot with herbal garden which includes Medical & aromatic plants, and spice plantation main­tained in its natural ecology i.e. pure organic farming with demonstration and peaceful relaxing atmosphere with an ability to serve delicious Goan as well as Indian cuisine specialized only for foreign and Indian Tourist.

Parvati Madhav Plants Park Plantation is situated at Village Keri, Ponda, 30 kms. From Panaji is gifted with natural beauty, heritage in backyard indus­tries, Indian classical Music and Ayurvedic.

A scientific classification and arrangement of plants where MAN is taken as local point, his physiological, aesthetic and spiritual needs are defined plants satisfying these needs are identified and grown in well-demarcated plots and designed as "ARBOREIUM"

Pascoal Spice Village is located near the village of Khandepar, 8 kms. Northeast of Ponda National Highway. The lower end of the property is bounded by tributary of the Mandovi River and rises in elevation towards the hills of the interior.
This idyllic serene setting coupled with a wide variety of spice plants and cash crops is interspersed with a restaurant, cottages open-air party half, boating, nursery, a wide variety of flowering plants, shrubs, fountains and farm animals.

Rustic Plantation is situated on the extreme North-East of Goa at Dongurli village, Thane, Valpoi and Sattari. The Plantation is a rejuvenating experience of a lifetime. Nestled in a valley amidst verdant mountains with grassy expanses, lush green fruit bearing trees and gurling rivulets, Rustic Plantation is the gateway one looks for.

Sahakari Spice Farm includes Nature of activities, spice tour, Traditional Welcome, Guide tour of plantation and Authentic Budget Village Lunch on Banana leaf.

Sanskuti Savoi Plantation is located at Ghano, Savoiverem.

Savoi Plantation Spice of Life is located at Savoi Ponda, 25 kms from Panaji and 15 kms from Ponda. Oldest tropical plantation with intercrops. One can see the rural setting of interior Goan Traditional methods of Organic Farming. Crops like Coconuts, Betel nuts, pineapples, spices and many more. A walk in the plantation with local person briefing you about the nature (crops, roots, herbs). Experience the typical Goan Hindu Cuisine served in Mud Pots with Banana Leaf. On the way to Savoi Plantation one can visit Cashew nut Factory, Ananta"(Vishnu-the Preserver of Universe) Temple partly in water.

Tropical Spice Plantation is located in Keri in Ponda Taluka. You will be welcomed with Herbal Tea and will taken around plantation by the guide explaining about the spices and their medicinal properties. On return local meal will be served on banana leaf. Also one can enjoy watching different species of birds within the plantation.

Sacred Groves is located at Bambar in Satari Taluka is the abode of rare medicinal plants refuse for unique forest- classified ads Myristca Swamp Forest having great ecological significance. This grove is known to exist for the last 250 year and the reigning deity is the God "Nirankar" one of the unique feature of the trees in this habitat is the presence of numerous aerial roots in the shape of :u"arching th mud.
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